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Your Guide on the Road to Wellness

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At the heart of Friend is an extensive library of resources curated by our professionals from sleep meditations, to addiction help, to advice for long distance relationships. All content can also be personalized to the individual user based on demographic info. The tools are separated into 3 main categories:

• Engine: Exercise, breathing, awareness, pain management

• Driver: Motivation, self-Compassion, anxiety, depression

• Fuel: Nutrition, sleep, relationships, addiction




What does a good friend always do? They check in with you. Friend starts off every day with 3 prompts and activities designed to boost user engagement and encourage mindfulness:

• Daily “Mantra”

• Mood Recording

• Written Prompt

Crisis Center

Another key feature of Friend is the “Crisis Center” where we will have partnered with top, reputable 24/7 hotline services to give users a comprehensive directory to the help they need when in a mental health crisis.


key features


Progress Tracking

Another useful feature is Friend’s internal progress tracking, which allows users to see their mood logged over time and explore its correlation to the resources they have used.

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